Original Characters

These are a collection of works about a story I’ve been working on including characters, world-building, and story planning.

The story is centered on Alana, a princess of a small trading kingdom called En’en. Her country is part of a region that is becoming overtaken by a growing empire, threatening to overtake En’en. When there is an attack on the palace and the king is slain, Alana flees with her protector and friend, Astra. The attack is rumored to be from a small country called Sipre, a nation with a bad history with their neighbors; Sipre has grown very independent due to isolation. For fear of her safety, Astra convinces Alana to seek aid from her allies. She works with her allies and friends to make a plan to restore balance to her government before the empire, Marenta, tries to take over.

As the story continues, the truth behind the attack and assassination are revealed and the discovery of what is most important to our heroes becomes realized.

Alana (Protagonist)

Early Design of Alana: