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Today’s prompt was to share something we tend to daydream about. I tweeted about how I like to daydream about sleeping in with my boyfriend on the weekends.

People I believe as a whole enjoy sleeping in, especially when they have jobs or go to school–everyone has busy days. For me: I wake up at 5:00 am every morning to go to rowing practice, and then I come back to do classes, homework and do my on-campus job. My boyfriend, Corey, is also on the rowing team so both of our schedules are pretty busy. The only day where we can both sleep in is on Sundays, and they’re always the calmest and most relaxing days of the week for me.

Currently, Corey is enrolled as a Master’s student at USC so he’s very far away; but I still daydream about those mornings because we’ll get those again.

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