Going into my second year, I learned a lot from my first year. I learned how much room there is to grow, how to find your true people. I learned how to manage 7 college-level classes and I learned how to manage my time throughout the day–rather than doing homework every day at 3:00 pm like in highschool. I discovered which major I wanted to pursue, crossing out other subjects that didn’t interest me as much. I grew more as a person, realizing what I wanted out of life and out of my experience.

This year is more polishing and expanding on these ideas while struggling to balance work, captainship, classes, relationships, and personal wellness. It’s already week 3 and I feel like I’m hyper stressed, personal wellness–taking care of yourself–is super important. Even when you have a bunch of stuff on your plate, taking a breath and giving yourself 30 minutes to watch youtube or relax is vital to survival in college.

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