Keep it Balanced

Today’s daily create was to draw an image of a fictional character from our childhood or present-day that was there during hardship or one that we really connected with. One of the first characters to pop into my mind was Korra from Avatar: Legend of Korra. I remember when her show premiered. I was already a big fan of Avatar and watched the re-runs a lot; so when Korra came out, I was over the moon.

Besides the time period being super interesting, the ages of the characters were more adult–around the same age as I was in fact. Korra’s personality as a strong, stubborn, hothead who really did care about other people was so complex and felt like a real person. You could relate to her frustrations and support her dreams. Korra isn’t a perfect character, which makes her so easy to connect to. She has her own dark experiences and depressing moments. She makes her own mistakes, with a level head and with a heated one. Her development grew strong over the seasons, and it felt like I was growing up with her. To this day, she’s still one of my favorite heroines that I’ve seen on television.