This was a 4-star assignment that wanted us to create a short story using sound. It was to be based or a retelling of a movie or tv show scene that we found entertaining. For me, I wanted to get a little goofy with it and use a scene that stuck in my head from the movie Highlander. I rewatched the scene in order to figure out which details I wanted to insert so that people can tell what type of story it is. Highlander isn’t a super well-known movie with people today (at least the friends I know) so I thought it’d be too difficult for someone to guess if they’ve never seen it, especially since it’s an older movie.

I used a lot of different sound bites, it took me a good 2 hours to find the ones I wanted. And then another 2 to put them all together. I had to tweak some like the scream and the bagpipes so they matched the other sounds in the scene. The scream was pitched down a little and stretched slightly so it’d last a little longer. The bagpipes were toned down and slowed down. The original bagpipe song was very loud and upbeat; I kept it in to represent the highland aspect since that’s where the protagonist resided.

I think it turned out fairly well for the number of sounds I used. I feel like when making a scene or a longer soundscape you need a lot of sounds in order for it to feel more three dimensional and more complete. Let me know what you think!

My version of a scene from Highlander
The scene my audio was based on.

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