This 3-star assignment tasked us with the challenge of taking a sound or song and editing so that it sounds nothing like the original. I’ve meddled in editing sound clips with Audacity before, so I had a very VERY vague understanding of how to go about it. I decided to use a clip of a sound from a song on my computer (saves me the hassle). I settled on a song called Deadbeat by Tiny Meat Gang (I love Cody and Noel♥). They are comedians and song artists who create funny bops that are super well made. Over summer, they made a song with the artist Blackbear–they’ve been gaining a ton of momentum and I’m so proud.

I used the signature intro sound to the track and modified it so it sounded darker or more dystopian. Originally I was going for something spooky, but when I added the wah-wah edit, it made it almost sound like a futuristic airship so I changed my focus and aimed for dystopian. I didn’t have my headphones for this so it was a bit tricky to make sure every sound in it was how I wanted. But it turned out alright in the end.

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