This design assignment was 3 stars worth and instead of focusing on visual design in terms of advertising, this assignment focused on more of a fashion-oriented lense. When I saw the thumbnail for the assignment, I knew what it was about. I’ve seen many people create these digital wardrobes for characters in their fanfictions, novels, comics, etc; so I had a baseline on where to start.

I did my outfit design based on my ds106 character. The Red Panda is her icon but she’s human, don’t worry. I tend to make characters very similar to myself save for a few elements. For example, the protagonist of a comic series I’m working on originally had orangish hair, which I later turned to pink since she’s an alien.

My ds106 character follows that trend. I wanted to give her wavy hair since mine is straight. The Celtic ring is similar to the one that I own and used to wear every day. (I wanted to give her an accessory) The style of clothing I chose is more reflective of how I’ve been dressing my sims lately. I love sweaters, but I don’t wear leggings. It just fit the style I wanted to give my character. I’ll probably do a sketch of her at some point with the outfit so that it feels more lively and connected.

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