This assignment was for 4 stars and involved advertising a charity event hosted by a hospital. The event involved volunteers purchasing items from various children’s wishlists. It reminded me a lot of the Angel Tree that I do every year with my family. Instead of advertising each child’s wishlist (which I felt would result in too many of the same gift for the same child) I took a similar approach to the Angel Tree and had one volunteer or family select a child’s list, or they can give some frequently requested gifts if they don’t want to do a specific child. Personally, I prefer a specific child’s wishlist because it prevents one type of toy from being over purchased, resulting they have a surplus.

I used a website called Picktochart to create my poster. I used it to create a recruitment poster for UMW Rowing over summer. I used free to use clip art, and patterns to be able to create a design that reflected the child aspect and some short info on what is needed.

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