This 3 1/2 – star assignment was decently challenging and a great way to warm up my visual design thinking for this week.

This objective was to design a tv show or movie poster using minimalistic design principles. I like the aesthetic of minimalism, but at the same time, I like adding a lot of layers to things –it depends on the project. At first, I was going to do Hunger Games but it already had a fairly minimalistic design so I went back to some other movies I was thinking about last week. The one I chose is an old rom-com called 13 Going On 30 featuring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. I loved this movie as a kid and I still find it a cheesy and easy to love classic.

I used a software similar to Photoshop, called Manga Studio to create the house outline and the pink background. I then used Pixlr to add the dust effect (because she pours wishing dust on her dollhouse in the movie), and the font. I feel like it would have felt too bare to have it without dust but I think the overlay may have made it too much for a minimal style.

4 thoughts on “Minimal Movie

  1. I also really like the colors you picked. I think the words not being under the dust adds another detail and layer to your poster. The words attract the eye then the sparkly dust helps the eye to wonder around and see what else is on the page.

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