I saw this visual assignment and got super excited because I love the world of Game of Thrones. It’s all so intricate and complex, much like our world; and as a big fan of the Harry Potter universe, I love the idea of houses as a way of representing a group. Different from Harry Potter, however, Game of Thrones divided into groups based on blood and territory (while Harry Potter is more of a group of like-minded individuals that you choose).

My House is called House Aomori. It’s Japanese because my name (Kuri–meaning chestnut) is Japanese; the name Aomori is based on an ancient prefecture that is believed to have been a large scale producer of chestnuts in Japan. (I did a bit of digging) In Japanese culture, Kuri chestnuts (and chestnuts in general) when cooked, “are supposed to bring good financial fortune and help make you a winner in life (the japan times)“. I used a simple Valyrian translator (a language from Game of Thrones) to translate the motto so it would fit into the world better. For the decal, I actually layered two trees upon each other because I wanted to keep it symmetrical (it took me a little bit to figure out how to do it).

The create this poster, the assignment proved a helpful site which made creating the banner a lot easier. It was tricky to save though (when I tried to save it so it’d have the HBO logo it was whitewashed), so I saved it as an image by clicking on it.

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