Pink Finch
strawberry ice cream on a white background wood. toning. selective focus

I love making visual art. It’s always fun to create images whether by drawing, taking photos and videos, or editing said photos and videos! Today I worked on a 3-star assignment that I saw a classmate (Butterball) do a while ago, and I thought I’d give it a try. The prompt is to splice a pair of pictures into a single image using photo editing software.

I used Manga Studio (a digital drawing and photo editing software I’ve had for a long time). I mainly use it to draw digitally, though there are great editing tools as well since it’s used for some higher-level projects like manga (surprise).

I knew right away I wanted to do something with an animal, I love putting animals in cool situations, or creating new animals with pre-existing attributes. There’s an Instagram account I follow called: cats_in_food, where they put cats in all sorts of foods and desserts! I absolutely love the creativity on this account, and the photoshop is incredible! Once I thought of an animal I instantly knew I’d want to try something similar.

My product

It turned out better than I thought, but it’s still pretty rough. I don’t think I know a lot about photoshop to be able to make it look as good like the pro who runs cats_in_food. Nonetheless, I think I did a decent job.

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