Veronica and JD in her car the morning after they kill Kurt and Ram.

Today I thought I would try a gif assignment from the assignment bank. The assignment was to create a gif of your favorite scene of a movie. I knew I would want to create something using the theme of Heathers this week, and the moment I read the prompt I knew exactly what scene I would use.

I first discovered Heathers as a musical (you should check it out) and fell in love with the characters and the story. The musical based itself off of the 1988 film of the same name. The story follows Veronica Sawyer, a high school student who is unhappy with her current social situation and in an effort to change it befriends the elite girls of her school, the Heathers; three girls, all named Heather, who run the school. Over the course of the movie and the musical, Veronica discovers that being a ‘Heather’ is more trouble than it’s worth–especially after she dates Jason Dean, a transfer student. Their relationship is toxic and manipulative, and JD’s dark impulses make her do bad things (like murder) and tragically affect her psyche. The song from the musical called ‘Our Love is God’ beautifully paints the picture of JD’s obsessive behavior, as well as Veronica’s realization that she’s in a terrible relationship.

The gif presented above represents this as well. For context, this scene is the morning after JD tricks Veronica into thinking that some bullets from a gun were Ich Luge Bullets that was used to fake suicide by Nazis. He says this to convince her to shoot Kurt and Ram. When she finds out they were real, she’s already killed the boys and JD plants a forged suicide note to draw away suspicion. In the gif’s scene, Veronica can’t accept the reality of Kurt and Ram’s deaths, and trying to escape her ‘nightmare’ she burns her hand with the cigarette burner in the car. Why I like this scene so much is how it displays their relationship without using words. Veronica harms herself because of what she’s done while with JD, and instead of trying to help her, JD instead uses the burn on her hand to light his own cigarette. It’s (in my opinion) a perfect example of telling a story without words. You may not know the context, but any normal person would be concerned if they saw someone intentionally harm themselves; Jason Dean doesn’t and instead uses their pain to light his metaphorical cigarette.

My Process

To create the gif for the movie, I downloaded a digital copy of the film and saved it as an mp4. I did this because I mainly use Windows Movie Maker to edit video or create videos, and it runs better with mp4 files. I made sure to keep a timestamp of where the scene was so it would be easier to find it in Movie Maker. I then trimmed the video by setting the start and end time around the scene I wanted to use, and exported it using the recommended settings (This is so that the file size isn’t larger than 100mb). I currently don’t own any gif software, so I used Giphy, a free to use site where you can create and upload gifs online.

The process is very quick and easy, and the results are great! It’s a simple way to create and share quality gifs of your favorite movies or tv shows.

2 thoughts on “Their Love is God

  1. I watched Heathers today as one of the 80s films on the Wikipedia list. I agree with you about how powerful that scene is in the film especially since its all through action and no words. Great gif!

    1. I’m glad you think so too! If you liked the movie then you should definitely listen to the soundtrack for the musical. The broadway show is very cool.

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