Okay so I know I did a post similar to this idea with the greek myth during week 1, but this is slightly different! This visual assignment (4 stars) is to tell the story of a movie using no more than 10 gifs. So instead of having a minimum of 5, like the last one, I couldn’t use more than 10. It sounds easy enough, but when you’re trying to fit at least an hour and 30 minutes of plot, key moments, iconic lines, into 10 gifs it gets tricky.

I kept to my guns and stuck with Top Gun for this assignment. Originally, I was going to try Heathers, but I prefer the musical’s plot rather than the films so it would have been difficult to distinguish the difference in gifs. I didn’t try a separate movie either because I haven’t had time to watch a new one yet (hopefully this weekend). For those who haven’t seen the movie, I kept any spoilers out of the gifs without losing sight of the plot. And for those of you who have seen it, let me know how I did!

I struggled a little to try and not include too many scenes from the Top Gun: Maverick trailer (people have already made gifs of it and it makes me so happy). The fact that this movie is getting a remastered sequel is heartwarming; it just shows how wonderful this classic is.

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