Living on campus has its perks. The main one being that I am fairly well up to date on events that are happening. UMW is constantly decorated in dozens of flyers and posters, making it easy for me to pull from some that caught my eye.

Minimalism / Use of Space

This poster by UMW Abroad is purposed to encourage students to follow their social media for updates on the program. The title font, FOLLOW US, is very large–which drew my eye. But I liked that they didn’t have any pictures of fancy fonts. “Around the World!” implies it’ll be posts of current study abroad events from students in the program, and even if it wasn’t the purpose is to gain followers. They used social media symbols effectively and made the space they used feel properly used while also keeping minimal details.


This poster is a banner among many of its kind that hangs off light posts along campus walk. It’s a creative and eye-catching way of educating people on what they stand for, what ASPIRE means to UMW. The words most important are bolded and given bright colors, while other words are given decent font size and put in between–allowing the eye to travel around the page and discover all of the necessary information to know what the gist of ASPIRE is. That also hid their URL in the footer for those who wanted to know more information.


This flyer I saw at the UC caught my eye by the large BIG in the center. The subtitle is decently sized to where you can still see it from a distance and it tells the basics of the event, leading the eye to details around it for more information. The use of blue interested me. There is very little color besides blue. Blue tends to envokes emotions of trust and professionalism, as well as the symbol for air or water. Since they are cleaning the river, it makes sense to use blue. I also found the art of the trash at the bottom to be well done.


The last one I decided to share was one in my dorm hall that always catches my eye when I walk past. I also find this topic interesting, and I’m glad that they have this posted in an easily accessible location because it’s useful to know! The reason I chose Dominance as a way to categorize this poster is the dog to the left takes up a large chunk of the left side of the card. They are also the main source of color since the rest is black and white (aside from the helpful title). The dog’s warm colors and large presence draws the eye in and at the same time helps them know what the poster will be about before they start reading it. I am also a fan of grids like this to compare and contrast different things, but I wasn’t sure exactly which category that would fall under. Nonetheless, the dog definitely shows dominance in this design to me.

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