The Journey of a Marble

I was inspired to design this game based on a project assignment from a friend’s class. The task was to makes a game that creates an intended emotion with the player. While I helped my friend brainstorm some ideas, I came up with one of my own. *has not been playtested yet*


Small, round, and unique by itself; follow your marble across the board and have the adventure of a lifetime. Easy to follow rules, and a fun way to share stories with friends! Simply roll the dice and go the spaces to build your marble’s story adventure. (1-4 players)


Roll the dice and progress from the corner of the board to the Crema. The marble whose story is deemed the most interesting and fulfilled will be the victor.

Board Setup

Place the board on a flat surface. Take out the die and event cards. Place event cards (orange and blue) on their designated spots on the board. Each player takes one marble.

Starting Turn

Each player will select one of four marbles. To determine where to begin, players will roll the die. Youngest player rolls first. If the number is odd, the player will place their marble in either blue corner. If the number rolled is even, then the marble will be placed on an orange corner.

The player to the left of the youngest will roll the first roll of the game; turns will continue in clockwise order. Roll the die to take your turn. If Player rolls a higher than a 3, draw the color event card that matches your start color (blue or orange). Otherwise, if the roll is 3 or lower, progress the number of spaces on the die.

Event Cards

If the die lands on a 4 or higher, the player will draw an event card matching their starting color. Each event card contains elements that add to the marble’s story. Words in parenthesis () are the number of spaces the marble’s journey is affected by each event (backward or forwards). Players will keep all event cards that they draw in order to retell the marble’s story. Words in bold are keywords that players must have in their stories.