20-minute Clicks

  • “The dusky path of a dream…” Tagore. Photograph that idea.
  • A fork in the road. Casting a ballot. Buying bread. Choices abound.Take a photo of a choice.
  • Pattern is built on repetition, like a rhythm. A regular or irregular pattern.
  • A photo where some or all of your subject isn’t in focus.
  • Using a picture taken today, add a caption or title from todays news headlines.
  • Ssqueaks, honks, laughter, etc. Make a photo of a noise maker you hear.
  • Take a close up photo of an object with unique texture or pattern; make us guess what it is.
“A dusky path of a dream”
Fork in the road

Okay, I had a ton of fun doing this activity! I was at work when I did this (it was dead empty so no worries) I really enjoyed following a prompt, especially with limited surroundings because it gave me the challenge to find something in a place that you wouldn’t normally look. I really enjoyed it. I feel like the noisemaker prompt and the fork in the road were the most challenging for me. I had my shift in the Underground, where my job is simply to control the sound system. But there wasn’t anything other than sound equipment to reflect noise; so it felt a bit like cheating. The prompt to take a picture that reflected choice was an interesting one–especially when I was the only person in the room. I ended up choosing a photo I took of the foosball table because foosball represents a lot of choices. It’s a sport, a game, where you choose a side; during the game, you have to choose which pole you’ll use, and which player you want to hit the ball with, and how to position your players to avoid losing a goal. It’s all very quick in real-time, but the variety of choice is still there.

Out of focus
Close up
(Guess what it is!)

After doing this photo blitz, I definitely am going to do it again. I think it’s a great way to challenge yourself and it gives you some interesting prompts to explore.