Progress and Processing

It’s been 4 days since our radio groups were made and within that time we were able to accomplish a lot. We formed a group chat on Twitter to discuss some basic ideas. Then we set up a time and place to meet up. During our meeting in the HCC, we built a collaborative document together outlining the requirements for the assignment as a whole and tackled how we were going to meet those expectations with our group. We also came up with awesome ideas and had some great discussions about films and the class so far. Everyone worked well off of each other, so I don’t have much worry about how our group will do ☺.

We decided on the topic of ’80s movies (originally it was movies and music, but we didn’t want to battle SoundCloud with copyright). With the topics of movies, we had to find a way to break it down into more detailed parts so we could better figure out how to tackle such a broad subject. We found the idea of comparing movies to the present as a fun idea, determining what makes the film a classic and if elements of the film would hold up just as well if it was released today. To break it down on people’s interests, we separated our group into 2 segments, one of Horror and one of Rom-Com. Since we only had 5 people the groups are uneven but the members of each are happy with the parts they were given. In order to be able to present our subject matter in an interesting way that allows for editing, we want to go for a Show and Tell approach. It’ll have elements of a radio show where the hosts talk to one another about topics, and we’ll insert sounds or audio clips of moments of a movie or sounds to keep it interesting.

For the bumpers and commercials, we agreed on the layout we want to organize them in. And thanks to Professor Bond’s creative idea to make the commercials allude to the subject matter was genius and our group eagerly incorporated it into our plan.

Overall, I feel like our group has been making great progress; we divided up tasks, and settled solidly on a topic to present. I’m excited to see everyone’s creativity come out on this assignment. We plan to have another meeting next week before the deadline to touch base and talk about the next step: editing.