We’re making a movie!

A short movie but a movie nonetheless!

Instead of doing video assignments, a couple groupmates from the radio show and I have decided to team up and take a stab at the short movie assignment. This week we mainly set up the storyboard, found possible shooting locations, and brainstormed other creative ideas such as montages or specific shots that we’d like to include.

Together, we made a google doc to share amongst each other that has the details we want to include, possible days to shoot scenes, the order we want to shoot scenes in order to make it easier to accomplish, as well as the overall plot of the story. Originally, we only had the three of us and our movie required four characters but a fourth member of our radio show group decided to join us, so we’re all set and ready to start!

I was responsible for writing down notes we took during the meeting into the google doc, as well as writing the general script (not line by line, more description of what scenes will include) for the movie. Our group is super creative and we were able to come up with an exciting project that I can’t wait to start bringing to life. We plan on beginning shooting this weekend so we can spend the next week editing it all together so it looks polished. The acting may not be the best but it’ll be fun to do nonetheless!

*I’ll post a trailer for our movie here (and in the weekly summary) for you all to enjoy*