Done & Done| Week 9

This week was spent mostly reviewing our own work and other people’s work. Listening to the ds106 radio station was an enjoyable experience. It was exciting to see how classmates interpreted the assignment and how they used their interests and talents to create the final product.

Another part was spent brainstorming ideas for the final project. I haven’t been able to give too much thought into it yet since I’ve been busy with work and school, but I’ve been considering doing a sort of goosebumps short horror-story or a campfire story-like project. I’m not quite sure what the logistics for it would be just yet.

my new poster

We also redid some old assignments and told a story using daily creates. For the assignments, I redid the photo blitz and a minimal movie poster. I’m happy with how both turned out but being a big fan of the movie I chose in my second attempt, I feel more attached to my new poster.

My daily create story used previous creates because I couldn’t find a way to connect the ones from this week.