Influencer? |Week 8

This week we spent time in our groups again, finalizing and polishing our radio show projects. My group met together again and recorded some schweet material, which has inspired me to return to my creative train of making a podcast with my friends discussing movies or gaming. (Probably will never happen but one can dream.)

Here’s the finished product!

Daily Creates

We only had to do 2 daily creates this week. Honestly, I got so wrapped up with working on the radio show that I thought I had done 2 already when in reality I had only done one. Time flies by when you’re having fun.

The first one I did was a simple dream sharing experience with the ds106 community. We shared our dream life–which for me is having a place of my own(affordable) with my boyfriend and my pet cat; originally, it was just my cat but then I met my partner and my dream life began to change. Other than a dwelling and partner, I want to be a member of the game industry in some way. Be it designing, programming, developing, managing, communication, art, writing, sound–I want to find the means to have a job that I enjoy making a media that I adore. I am a strong believer that games are a form of art used to tell a story (I’ve referenced many games over the semester in previous posts, That Dragon Cancer in particular). It’s something I’ve always had a desire to do but never felt I had the tools do accomplish it before I came to college.

The second one I did was on Friday and was a snowflake maker. I had so much fun with this one! I couldn’t stop experimenting with what sort of snowflakes would become of the shapes I cut out.

I really, thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone on the radio project and I’m happy to have been able to meet, converse with, and brainstorm with classmates. I definitely would be happy to work with them again; a great team!