This week we focused on design. Working with the different elements through our design assignments and by finding examples in things around us.

To start off, we read some works by professional designers and reflected on what we learned from the readings. Before reading them, I had guessed that design was pretty complex given that there are whole careers dedicated to different parts of design, but I hadn’t realized just how crazy intricate every detail is that goes into making a design. The first reading alone was super in-depth to a level that I didn’t think was possible with visual design. It was definitely an eye-opening experience for me and made me appreciate designers even more.

Design Blitz

The design blitz was similar to the photography blitz we did a couple of weeks back that I really enjoyed. This time around, however, we only had to find 4 designs that reflected a certain element from the readings. It was pretty challenging for me to feel confident enough in my choices because some designs I saw I felt could fit into multiple categories so I had to choose the strongest one. On the other hand, some of the concepts were harder to grasp than others to where I’d be able to confidently identify them out and about–but that will come in time and practice.
My favorite design that I saw on campus this week.

Design Assignments

My fav design assignment of the week (my character Alana)

Instead of 12 stars, this week we had to do 15. I was excited about this because it meant I could do more and have to challenge myself a little more than simply choosing a bunch of 2 or 3-star assignments. A couple of the assignments I did, like the outfit design of the superhero and the original character, were familiar to me already because I tend to do that in my spare time when I imagine characters for fanfictions or even my own universes and stories (see my superhero post for more about one of my personal creations).

The other assignments were poster designs. One was for a children’s hospital charity (toy donations) and the other was a practice of minimalism by giving us the task of using a show or movie we like and creating a poster/cover for it using minimalistic techniques.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed designing things. My favorite assignment was either the minimalism poster or the superhero one. I had a lot of fun flexing my imagination with those ones.

Daily Creates

My fav create this week

Finally, we were given the goal of 3 daily creates. This week’s daily’s felt a little different than usual, but I was still able to find some that I felt inspired to participate in. One was to draw my favorite animal from memory (Red Panda, of course). This create and the Korra one from last week were refreshing for me because it lets me step out of my computer for a bit and physically draw on paper–something I’ve always enjoyed.

The other two I did were a doodle in the community whiteboard page and a writing challenge. I hadn’t done a collaborative drawing in a long while so I enjoyed seeing what everyone came up with and expanded on together. Lastly, I did the challenge of writing a name without lifing my pen. This was interesting because–at first– you’d got straight to cursive; it was fun to challenge myself by not going down that route.

This week was challenging but in the end, I had a good time trying different ways of creating things for other people to enjoy.

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