Movie in the Making| Week 10

This week was the beginning of video making! I’ve been pretty excited to do this sort of media ever since we did sound and audio storytelling. The videos we watched this week were super fun to learn from and listen to. I’m a big fan of movies and have always been interested in learning more about how elements such as placement and camera work help in distinguishing an okay movie from a great one. I really enjoyed Tony Zhou’s videos and will continue watching more of his content!

To reflect what I learned, I made a video essay of a scene from a 1989 film The Fabulous Baker Boys starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges.

My video essay

We also commented and voted on fellow student’s work. Melody’s video essay was one of my favorites to watch. She did an amazing job breaking down the scene and enhancing the quality of the film.

This week, since our radio groups did so well, we were given the choice to do another group project or to just do video assignments. I really loved working with my group and a few members were already interested in banding together again so I decided to jump in on it and work together to make a mini-movie. We met up and planned it out, and begin shooting tomorrow.

Trailer for our movie

This week we also did Daily Creates. We only did 2 this week since some people (like my group) were doing the movie.

My inspiration for my video essay‚ô•