I have a strong interest in creating things with a vaporwave/retro wave vibe to them, and since our class’s theme is set in the ’80s it seems fitting to give it a go now and again. All of my content (besides my Youtube) followed this theme this week.

As this was the first week of assignments, the topic seemed simple enough: make accounts on multiple platforms and introduce yourself on each of them. Easier said than done I soon found out. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram, for example, were a lot easier to create posts than ones like Soundcloud or Youtube.

We also had to write a couple of blog posts throughout the week: Introduction: http://kbenite2.com/updates/intro2me/ Thoughts on the ’80s: http://kbenite2.com/updates/its-1980-something/

Twitter and Instagram were fairly simple posts to create since it is based mostly on a caption and sometimes an image or short video.

My sound cloud was one of the first I did because I knew it would take a while for me to complete as I’m not familiar with how to create music. I decided to do something simple and short so as not to make it too repetitive or boring.

Youtube was one that took the longest for me. I couldn’t figure out what to make for it and settled on just a literal introduction of myself. I didn’t feel comfortable putting my face on the internet so I opted to animate it instead. I have never animated before! So it was pretty confusing trying to find a free, easy to use software (I ended up using Krita). Figuring out the timing for the blocks was difficult because the audio couldn’t be played in the same window (I would have to play the recording through a different app). And when I tried to export it as a video, I didn’t have the correct plugin. In the end, I ended up exporting the animation of each block as an image file, which only seemed to make it even longer and more difficult to create the video. The recordings I ended up doing multiple times and taking snippets from different ones that sounded best. After a couple of hours, I managed to get it to work to my liking, and thus it was uploaded! (yay)

My first time animating, and I posted it on YouTube

Even though some parts were time-consuming since I was using a new form of media, I enjoyed learning how to create music and animations. I have wanted to learn to animate for the longest time. Now that I managed to make a proper video with some animations on the first go I am super excited to grow my skills even farther. I think my favorite part of the whole video is the animation of the book opening. It looks so smooth and the physics of the bookmark turned out so well! I want to continue learning new skills that I can combine with some that I already practice so that I can get at least one step closer to bringing my imagination to life.

Overall, this first week felt a tad stressful (juggling deadlines, responsibilities, and trying to understand a new tool) but the feeling of accomplishment and inspiration dominated this week. I’m excited to continue making content on these platforms, and I hope that I will find a quicker or easier method in completing future projects.

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